Hazrat Muhammad is the last Prophet of Allah. He was born in 570 Ad in Makkah . His father Abdullah died before his birth and mother left him at the age of six. Then he was brought up his loving grandfather. He looked after with love and care . At twenty five, he married the most pious man lady Hazrat Khadija رضی اللہ عنھا .

At of the age of forty, he was declared that he was a Prophet of Allah he ld a very simple life. Which is the best example for all the people of world. He advised the people not do bad deads . He told them to stay prayers and help the poor. He also taught us to serve the humanity and lead simple and virtuous life.

Hazrat muhammad ﷺ fought many battles against the infidels . Soon Islamm over came the whole Araibia . The holy prophet passed away when when he was 63 years . His sacred tomb in Medinah. We should follow his teachings to lead succesful life in the world and the world here after.


It was the 17 of july. There was no stir in the air. The earth seemed to be burning. Everybody perspied from head to foot . Before long, it began to to rain very heavily.

The streets were soon full of water. The rain stopped after a couple of hours. The air became cool and the weather very pleasant.

A rain bow appeared in the sky , the trees and their leaves began to glitter like pieces of green glass. But some old houses fell down and their inmates received serious injuries. Despite all that it was a day of merry- making.

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