NAME:                         CLASS:2   SUBJECT: COMPUTER CHAPTER: 1 WHAT IS A MACHINE?                                      Page: 8 QUESTION NO.1 FILL THE BLANK SPACES WITH CORRECT WORDS. Machine is a ———————————————tool made by———————————————— ii–             There are ——————————————————major types of machines. iii– ——————————————— is plain in shape and very easy to use. iv- ———————————————– has several parts and each part has a function. v- There […]

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studies in Islam class 2 (IBS)

NAME:                         CLASS:2 SUBJECT: S. in ISLAM THIS PARTiis ACCORDING TO REVISED & COLOURED EDITION(IMPOVED EDITION) U#1 ALLAH IS THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS EX PAGE:8 JOIN THE FOLLOWING: A B 1. Allah made 2.      Allah created the day 3.      Allah sends down 4.      All praise is due 5.      We cannot 1.    Water from the skies. 2.     count His favours. 3.     […]

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NAME:                                  CLASS: KG-I                 SEC:           SEM:2014-15   ———-LIST———— Page DESCRIPTION Sr.     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9                         DATE: ————-HOME WORK /CLASS WORK:——–DAY:——— Make picture:           […]

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