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Detailed Lesson Plan in Science and Health Grade 3 Sense Organ Document Transcript

  • Lesson Plan in Science and Health Grade III
  • I. Objectives
  • At the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to: A. describe the different sense organ. B. appreciate the importance of the sense organ of the body. C. give the function of the different sense organ of the body.
  • II. Subject Matter
  • A. Unit I- Human Beings Lesson: Sense Organs
  • B. Materials Real objects; Pictures; Chart
  • C. References Science for Daily Use 3 Violeta R. Roson pp. 2-13 C. Science Processes Observing, Describing, Identifying, Inferring, Classifying
  • E. Science Concept Eyes is our sense of sight. Nose is our sense of smelling. Ear is our sense of hearing. Tongue is our sense of taste. Skin is our sense of touch.
  • F. Value Thank God for the special parts of our body to enjoy things around.
  • III. Methodology Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity A. Preliminary Activities
  • 1. Prayer Before we start, Miss_____ kindly lead the prayer.
  • 2. Greetings Good afternoon class! You may now take your seats. Heavenly Father…. Amen Good afternoon Teacher! Good morning classmates
  • 3. Checking of Attendance Class Secretary tell the class who are absent today ( Secretary reports )
  • 4. Review Class can you still remember our lesson yesterday? Yes Teacher. Now to test if you really remember. I have something to show you. I have here a chart of a human body. I would like you to identify the body parts, match the word that corresponds to the part of the body. Do you understand (The teacher shows a picture of different parts of the body) (Ask a pupils to each part of the body.) Yes Teacher.
  • 3. Motivation (Show a picture of Helen Keller.) Do you know who’s in this picture? No Ma’am. Alright, listen, I will tell a story of Helen Keller. (The teacher relates the story.) Helen Keller (1880-1968) lived in a world of darkness and silence. She was blind and deaf. She could neither see nor hear. Yet she became one of America’s most famous authors and lecturers. She had a very good teacher Anne Sullivan. Anne made Helen feel objects with one hand. Then she traced the word for each object onto the palm of Helen’s hand.
  • Comprehension Questions: o Who is Helen Keller? o Who was her teacher? o How did her teacher make her learned to read and write? o What sense of organ did she used? o She was blind and deaf. She could neither see nor hear. o teacher Anne Sullivan o She let Helen feel objects with one hand. Then she traced the word for each object onto the palm of Helen’s hand. o Sense of touch
  • 4. Unlocking of difficulties. What are the meaning of the following? o Organs o Functions o Sense organ o Organ derives from the Latinorganum, meaning instrument o The kind of action or activity proper o
  • A specialized organ or structure, such as the eye, ear, tongue, nose, or skin, where sensory neurons are concentrated and that functions as a receptor.
  • B. Presentation What is in the picture? Five senses
  • What are they? The eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin.
  • What are the functions of each sense organ?The eyes is for?
  • The nose for?
  • The ears is for?
  • The tongue is for?
  • The skin is for?
  • Seeing Smelling Hearing Tasting Touching
  • C. Practice (Refer activity 1 page 4 of Science for Daily Use 3) Everybody, read the instruction.
  • Can you tell which sense organs you will use to describe the following:
  • Can you tell which sense organs you will use to describe the following:
  • 1. The height of the building _________
  • 2. The taste of ampalaya _________
  • 3, The texture of a silk cloth __________
  • 4. The fragrance of sampaguita. _________
  • 5. The beautiful music _________
  • 6. The heat of the hot pot. _________
  • 7. The color of your friend’s eyes ________
  • 8. The flavors of your mother’s recipe ________
  • 9. The sound of the guitar _________
  • 10. The temperature in Baguio City ________ Eyes Tongue Skin Smell Ears Skin Eyes Tongue Ears Skin Can you use more than one sense organ to describe things? Yes Let us see. Let’s have another activity. Everybody, read the instructions. Get the objects and describe them. Write your observation on the table. Get the objects and describe them. Write your observation on the table. Using the Sense Organs Objects Shape Size Color Texture Taste Chocolate Calamansi
  • Chalk Ball Table Book How many sense organ did you use to describe the object?
  • Do you known the functions of the sense organ?
  • Yes teacher.
  • What would happen if you do not have these senses? No. Would you be able to taste or to smell your ice cream? No.
  • Wouldyou be able to watch and hear your favorite television cartoons?
  • Can you feel the weather?
  • No Yes! Are five senses important?
  • Five C. Exploring We’re going to have group activity. Group yourselves into five. How many group do we have?
  • Before we start, what are the rules to follow in group activity?
  • Everybody, read. 1. Listen attentively to the instruction
  • 2. Be careful in using and handling materials.
  • 3. Follow the time allotment for the activity.
  • 4. Be cooperative in a group work.
  • 5. Enjoy and doing one’s work.
  • 6. Maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the room.
  • 7. Returned the materials used in a properly. Can I have 1 representative in each group? Pick an envelope. Group 1. (Refer to page 5 of the book. Science for daily Use 3) Objective: Identify the shapes, size, and color of the objects. Materials: Cut out objects with different shapes and colors.
  • Instruction:
  • 1. Name the shapes of the objects.
  • 2. Tell the colors of the different shapes.
  • 3. Classify the object according to its size and place them on the table. Size table: Small Medium Large Conclusion: What sense organ did you use? Group 2. (Refer to page 7 of the book Science for Daily Use 3)
  • Objective:
  • Identify the kinds of sounds. Materials: Pictures Instruction:
  • 1. Name the sounds produced by each pictures. It can be, loud or soft, high pitch or low pitch, pleasant or unpleasant? The eyes. Sense of sight.
  • 2. Discuss it in front of the class. Conclusion: What sense organ did you use? Group 3. (Refer to page 9 of the book Science for Daily Use 3) OBJECTIVES: Describe the texture of the objects. Materials: Towel, cotton, water, chair Instruction: Hold the materials. Discuss the answer in front of the class. Classify the different kinds of textures and write it down on the chart. The ears. Sense of hearing.
  • Circle chart The Skin. Sense of touch. Conclusion: What sense organ did you use? Group 4. (Refer to page 10 of the book Science for Daily Use 3) Objectives: Identify the kinds of smell. Materials: Perfume, Sampaguita, Alcohol
  • Instruction.
  • 1. Smell the following materials. 2. Describe the smell of each. 3. What are the two kinds of smell? Write it down on the chart. Venn diagram: The nose, sense of smelling. Conclusion: What sense organ did you used? Group 5. (Refer to page 12 of the book Science for Daily Use 3) Objective: Describe the different types of taste. Materials:Candies, Chocolate, Chili, Ampalaya, Calamansi, Chips
  • Instructions:
  • 1. Name the foods given.
  • 2. Classify them according to taste.
  • 3. Discuss in the class what the taste of each food are.
  • 4. Write down the five kinds of taste on the chart. Chart: The sense of taste, tongue.
  • Conclusion: What sense organ did you used? E. Generalization:
  • Identify the sense organs of the body?
  • How does each work?
  • F. Application What sense organ is used in each of the following:
  • 1. Beautiful dress?
  • 2. Delicious food?
  • 3. Roaring of thunder?
  • 4. Wet towel?
  • 5. Fragrant flower?
  • Sight Tasting Hearing Touch Smelling
  • IV. Evaluation Identify the sense organ use in the following thing. Put it in the appropriate branch of a tree chart. V. Agreement Give ways on how we take good care of our five senses?
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